The owners of the High Speed ​​Train got angry on the Italian writer

The owners of the High Speed ​​Train got angry on the Italian writer :Being the responsible for the high speed train project in Italy and not supporting it, the directors of Ltf Company and together with the public prosecutorship prepare to investigate Erri De Luca, an Italian writer.

Ltf Company was criticized by Erri de Luca, an awarded Italian writer, because the company did not provide support for the high speed train project in Italy which was supposed to be operated between the cities Torino and Lyon. As a result, the Ltf Company started an investigation.

The opponent to the launching of new high speed train projects have been struggling for years, as this kind of project bring harm to the environment of the Piemont region.
Recently interviewed, Erri De Luca has sustained that he supports the protests against the construction of a high speed train line in Susa Valley, because it is polluting the environment as well as violating the democratic rights of the citizens as the administration does not listen to their opposition. Erri de Luca has called those who started the project of high speed train as being “terrorists”.

Accordingly, the administrators of Ltf Company, which was supposed to construct the high speed train line, did not like the comments of Erri de Luca; and they started an investigation against the Italian writer.

“The High Speed ​​Train is unnecessary”
Erri De Luca has announced that he is behind all the activists that will protests against the new railway project. Moreover, another protest with his support will take place on 5th October in Susa Valley.
The books of Erri De Luca had been translated into French, English and Spanish and he has won such awards lik France Culture, Laure Bataillon and Femina Etranger. Besides this he was named in 2002 the first successful mountaineer after the age of 50 at Grotta dell’Arenauta, Gaeta.

The owners of the High Speed ​​Train got angry on the Italian writer

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