ONCF signs contract with MERMEC Group for Hot Box and Hot Wheel Detectors

MERMEC Group will supply 15 Hot Box and Hot Wheel Detectors (HBD/HWD) to Morocco’s national railway operator ONCF to improve train safety by preventing the most dangerous possible causes of accidents or of expensive wear resulting in consequential damage such as overheated axle bearings or critical brake conditions.

Morocco – MERMEC has been awarded a contract by ONCF (Office National des Chemin de Fer), Morocco’s national railway operator, for the supply, installation and commissioning of 15 Hot Box and Hot Wheel Detectors (HBD/HWD) together with 3 maintenance control positions and 1 central control unit.

HBD/HWDs, that will be installed in 10 different strategic locations of the national network (5 singleway, 5 double-way), are designed to accurately detects axle, wheel and brake’s temperatures of each and every train passing over them. HBD/HWDs are contactless, stationery thermometers able to securely measure the absolute temperatures of the inspected parts and timely send alerts to the train driver and to the local control office when a potentially dangerous situation is detected. These systems are installed along the track in a hollow steel sleeper and are designed in such a way that they collect temperatures of different types of axle boxes and wheel sets.

HBD/HWDs’ central control units acquire all the data, allowing in depth analysis of data for trend analysis over time. The systems are extremely rugged and guarantee top class performances also in harsh environmental conditions with an effective range of operating temperature between -45°C and +70°C. The auto calibration device assures the precision of the measurement, while a TCP/IP network integration ensure continuous check of the systems status.

“ONCF is the Africa’s railway operator with the most ambitious plan of modernization and it is actively looking for the best technology on the market to keep its network safe and efficient”, said Vito Pertosa, president of MERMEC Group “MERMEC has been selected among five other international suppliers. This confirms and consolidates MERMEC Group’s leadership as a top class supplier of railway safety technology”.

The first system will be delivered by the first quarter of 2013 while the project is expected to be completed within the end of the 2013.


Source : Mermec

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