The monorail system produced in Turkey will put an end to the existent traffic (Video – Photo Gallery)

The monorail system produced in Turkey will put an end to the existent traffic :The local produced “monorail system” will put an end to the existent traffic. The local production of monorail systems aims to solve the problem of traffic in urban regions. The system will be produced in Duzce region. There will be produced the following products: 100% local monorail, electric engines, and wheel carriages by presenting a suitable alternative for such urban transport means as tramway, metro and metrobus because it will have low costs and delivered in a short period of time.

The monorail system will be operated at a distance of 4-5 meters above the ground on a steel platform and it will not be affected of such conditions as rainy weather, mud, snow and hail. It has a capacity of 18 passengers and classical music on the background of the trip. The price of the monorail ticket will be just 1 Turkish Lira and it will easy the urban traffic considerable.

Sabahattin Celik, the Board Director of  Türkarge Transportation Inc. has announced that the monorail system will provide transportation service 24 hours a day. He also added that the project is a huge one and it has a big number of wagons and low energy consumption, giving the example that the costs for one passenger which will travel 20 km will be 20 Turkish cents. He sustained that they are ready to provide their monorail systems for 81 of the Turkish cities. Passengers will be travelling by sitting, no passenger will stay. The speed of the locomotive is 85 km/h. due to the fact that the monorail system will work on electric base it will not pollute the environment.

The locomotives will be operated by a program and not by drivers. When driving the locomotive will not be shaking the passengers despite all types of roads. Even if the electric will go off, the locomotive will be able to continue its travel 10-15 km more. Until now there were held discussion about the purchase of these locomotives with three of the national cities and from abroad with such countries as Ukraine, Nigeria, Lithuania and Iran.

The monorail system produced in Turkey will put an end to the existent traffic-4

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