Maximum security in the railway system

Maximum security in the railway system :From now on the new generation of railway system users will pay more attention to the security of the railways transportation. As the quality of the railways is upgrading day by day, the same should happen with its security.The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has presented its own developed tracking system which is the most economic and efficient made until now.

The tracking system is able to determine the technical problems that might appear and their sources especially applied on the railway line with a length of 36 km which will connect China with the Hong Kong state-city.

The Maintaince of the Trains is very low
The optical fiber of the system is able to made different measures. For example, it can transform a light signal into an electrical one and it can also measure such parameters as pressure and acceleration.

In case the train has too much load or another problem the tracking system will instantly let it know by giving a special sound.
In comparison with the air transportation the one on railways in terms of operation and building works is much cheaper. Due to this reason the railway transportation will become much active with time.

The warning and security systems developed by Chinese had caught first of all the attention of Australia and Singapore. The optical fibers used in railway systems will make this kind of transportation more attractive for passengers. The annually maintaince of the warning system is 250 thousand dollars.

Maximum security in the railway system

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