The long opening story of Harbin Metro

The long opening story of Harbin Metro :The story began in 2002 -2003, from that time until now local authorities keep giving promises about the opening time for the first line of total 10 lines in the subway system at the same time line 2&3 is also under construction.

The first line of 17.47 km length with 18 stations was set to be opened at end of 2012, and then delayed to the first of September 2013, which is delayed again to the end of the year. 10 years to construct metro line could be overstated number but it’s still an urgent need for the city citizen and provides high improvement process for transportation system.
he long opening story of Harbin Metro1
Harbin Subway

The overall planning of Harbin subway “10 line part ” with total of 340 kilometers and estimated to be finished within twenty years and estimated cost will be 200 billion RMB (about 32 billion USD dollar ).The first part of the project based on the original “7381” civil air-defense project or which known as the air defense evacuation tunnel (with length of 10.1 km)constructed during World War II

Going up on the ground service people can notice the different and interesting architectural designs of the Subway especially at the exist gates. Engineers put their effort to reflect the culture and the history of the city everywhere, the doors, walls, even in the lighting system.
he long opening story of Harbin Metro12
Jiang Hua exit- Harbin Metro
he long opening story of Harbin Metro12
Xi Da Qiao exit -Harbin Metro
he long opening story of Harbin Metro12
museum exit-Harbin Metro

Expected reason for such long construction time is the overall city planning, new Harbin will be raised up to the world in the next 15 years by construction of a regional center, 4 sub-district, and 4 large industrial areas. All of that managed to be led by the railway traffic .HIT group have the project administration for the financing, construction, and operation and maintenance of equipment, until the subway is put into use, then HIT group will delivers the subway project to the local government.

The transportation capacity of the first stage expected to be 14900 passengers per hour, and so the daily traffic volume will be about 212000 passengers. And this will cause huge reduction in the public railway transportation passenger volume.

The fare pricing policy based on “ladder price system”, in case of line No. 1 subway line is divided into 3 sections: 1-8 stations with fare 2 Yuan, 9-12 for 3 Yuan, more than 13 stations set as the higher price for 4 Yuan.

he long opening story of Harbin Metro

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