Light-Rail Airport Link Strongly Backed In Poll (1)

Light-Rail Airport Link Strongly Backed In Poll (1).The second phase of the light-rail plan was not planned to link with Ottawa Airport.
Maybe our public servants just want their own way.

Perhaps that’s why they don’t consult with the public before they decide to spend billions of our dollars on a light-rail line that doesn’t go where we want it.

But the readers who responded to the Bulldog Poll on whether or not a light-rail line should go to Ottawa Airport overwhelmingly supported the link to the tune of 88 per cent in favour. It was not even close.

Of course the Phase 2 plans at $3 billion didn’t include a line there. It certainly is an argument for consultation. Phase 2 (with no funding and will be completed when many of us are dead) would be the largest municipal project in history. But no one at Ottawa City Hall thought to ask the paying public about it.

The sense of entitlement at Ottawa City Hall is enormous. The politicians and public servants have really got to learn to embrace consulting and listen to the public. That’s how the light-plan got in trouble by choosing a line down the Macdonald Parkway.

Anyway the results of the Bulldog Poll are below, strongly in favour of a line to Ottawa Airport. To see the best comments from the poll, click here:

Light-Rail Airport Link Strongly Backed In Poll (1)

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