Kapsch Wins GSM-R Contract on the Mecca-Medina Railway

Kapsch Wins GSM-R Contract on the Mecca-Medina Railway : Kapsch CarrierCom says that it has won a GSM-R deployment contract in Saudi Arabia on the 450 km high-speed line between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Kapsch was selected by Indra and Saudi Railways Organization, and the newest technology based on ERMTS level 2 will be used on the pilgrimage route.

The new High Speed rail line from Mecca through Jeddah to Medina will connect multiple urban regions as well as the international King Abdullah Airport. The route features expansive stretches of desert with difficult climatic conditions and high temperature fluctuations. In addition to the climatic and topographical challenges in construction and operation of the technical equipment along the rail line, consideration must be given to the religious and cultural significance of this route. Islamic pilgrims from all over the world will in future travel through Saudi Arabia to the holy sites at speeds of up to 320 km/h.

In order to ensure this, a fail-safe architecture was designed with built in redundancy. The network coverage along the railway line is fourfold. In other words, if three base stations in a region fail, a fourth can still serve the entire area.

“We were able to win this project in particular because security, safety and expertise were key criteria, we acquired experience with similar environmental conditions in a project in Algeria and we have already equipped multiple railway stretches with similarly advanced solutions supporting ERTMS Level 2 in high speed environments,” says Michel Clement, Vice-President Railways of Kapsch CarrierCom.

Construction has been under way on this railway line already since 2009. For Kapsch the project begins in 2013. In a first phase, the entire GSM-R infrastructure will be installed and tested. Then Kapsch will support Indra and the Prime Contractor Consortium for the operation and maintenance phase. The term for the operation contract is 12 years.


Source : cellular-news

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