Guiyang City Railway is working hard for China’s LinZhi Railway

Guiyang City Railway is working hard for China’s LinZhi Railway :Recently Guiyang City Railway Co., Ltd held the review meeting for fabrication rules and welding procedure for steel truss arch of Nanjie River Bridge on LinZhi railway at Baoji. The review team members included Peng Yueshen, Zhou Zhaowei, Zhou Sisi, Shi Zhiqiang, Peng Lanping, and experts from China Railway Second Survey & Design Institute Group, Changsha Zhongda Supervision Company, China Railway Second Group and Southwest Jiaotong University. CRBBG Secretary of Party Committee Hong Jun and Chief Engineer Ji Minting were present at the meeting.

At the meeting, the experts listened to the Fabrication Rules for Steel Truss Arch of Najie River Bridge and the Welding Procedure Qualification (WPQ) Test Report made by CRBBG, and the Supervision Work Report made by Changsha Zhongda Supervision Company, and seriously reviewed relevant documents. The experts came to an agreement after adequate discussion that, the Fabrication Rules prepared by CRBBG, based on the Code for Fabrication of Railway Steel Bridge and aiming at the structural features of this bridge, was complete and systematic, and satisfied the requirements of design and relevant standards; the WPQ Test Report had complete contents and reliable data; the 18 groups welding specimens covered all joint types in the design drawings, and the test data showed that all properties of welded joints had reached requirements of relevant standards and design documents; and the selected groove types, welding materials, welding processes and welding parameters could be considered as the basis for preparing welding procedure for fabrication of this bridge.

Ji Minting addressed that CRBBG would seriously carry out the experts’ suggestions, further optimize the process plan, elaborately organize the production and create quality products, and present a quality and satisfactory project to Guizhou people.

Guiyang City Railway is working hard for China’s LinZhi Railway

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