The first Turkish tramway started to be operated (Photo Gallery)

The first Turkish tramway started to be operated :The tram that was manufactured in consultancy with the Bursa Municipality, the SilkWorm tram started to be operated on the line Heykel-Garaj T1 with the length of 6,5 km. At the moment there are three trams that pass each 6 minutes for the price of 50 pennies. The director of Durmazlar Makine, the Turkish company which manufactured the SilkWorm has sustained that the next product that their company will manufacture will be high speed trains.

The opening ceremony was held next at the Kent Meydani were such persons were present as Recep Altepe, the Mayor of Bursa, Bedrettin Yıldırım, the AK Party Deputy, Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Tülin Erkan Kara, İsmail Aydın and İsmet Su and many other citizens.

Recep Altepe has expressed the importance of the first Turkish manufactured tram as it will provide a considerable input to Bursa transportation system as well as to the country’s economy: “From now on the Bursa citizens will be able to have trips with local manufactured tramways. These vehicles will serve as an example for Turkey, as they were manufactured so that they could be used in any corner of the world having no deficiency. The drive tests of these vehicles last two months. Meanwhile with vehicles brought from abroad we have experienced several problems, the local manufactured vehicles did not create any difficulty. This project represents a success of the municipality. The tram line with a length of 6,5 km has the following stations: Stadium, Altıparmak, Heykel, İnönü Streed and Ulu Road. Our citizens will arrive to heykel in 10 minutes.

The next product is the high speed train

Recep Altepe has also added: “The tram is a very good and qualitative vehicle; together with it we become a city which catches the world quality. Nothing of what we do is enough for Bursa. The next projects are the Terminal and Cekirge Street. The tram project which was initiated for the first time in 1904 year, it was possible to realize it only in 2013. So we are very proud of it.”

Hüseyin Durmaz, the Director of Durmazlar Makine has expressed their plans to produce further on high speed trains. He added: “From now on our aim is to market these tramways on the worldwide market; especially in the big cities. After producing tramways we though it is possible to produce high speed trains as well. And once we produce high speed trains why not to continue with producing space vehicles?”

After the speeches of the important persons that attended the ceremony, citizens started their first trips with the tramways.

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