First Set of Very High Speed Train is awared to Siemens by TCDD

TCDD was requested to have very high speed train sets in Turkey. The tender is awarded to Siemens (worth €285m) including the maintenance and spare parts. The delivery is due to start in 2016. The 200m-long eight-car very high speed trains will accommodate more than more than 500 passengers. Seven pieces of  Siemens Velaro-D trains  will be delivered for new high speed network which is currently being constructed  between Ankara-Istanbul and Ankara-Izmir.

300km/h trains for operation would be possible on some newly constructed lines in Turkey. TCDD is planning to increase the speed on its growing high-speed railway network. The way back to the new trend in the world and the rapid public transport huge investments in terms of technology planning in these areas, Turkey has stepped up his hand in the railway. Reliability of the most talked about at the end of 2008, Eskişehir-Ankara high-speed rail project was commissioned. Average speed of up to 230 to kilometers addition to the high-speed rail line in 2011, Zonguldak Gebze-Eskişehir line is scheduled to come into service. Railways, the development of the current 11 thousand kilometers, and two thousand miles of the line itself to building new high-speed train line.

The fastest train ‘first class’ Velaro vs plane!
In 1981, Siemens’ ICE high-speed train adventure series begins today ‘Velaro’ series, breaking speed records. Velaro’s speed is up to 404 kilometers, developed in Spain this year, saying that the latest version of Siemens AG, a revolution speed train Mohamad Sidaoui director for high-speed trains, “Close to the speed of this technology as an alternative to the airline transportation level, “he says. Mainly in high-speed trains in Spain, Germany, China, and Russia is in use Sidaoui, he continues: “The high level of comfort while offering state-of-the trains, spends a very low level of energy. Quite low compared to the highway and airway secretion emissions and quiet running. First class service is there as you are in the plane including internet connection. Adapting this technology to developing countries, China and Russia. For example, China has increased the capacity of the trains seats, Russia has developed a system based on -50 degrees Celsius. Trains to develop a solution to traffic problems, especially mega-cities began to be preferred. Trains in Germany and made ​​in China.


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