Find SNCF updates as strike hits French railways

Find SNCF updates as strike hits French railways : The railway workers of the SNCF have followed the example of air traffic controllers: from 7pm on Wednesday until 8am on Friday, the railway network is being disrupted by a strike.

The call from unions hostile to rail reform has been heard: on average only four trains in 10 were running on the TGV and RER routes.

International lines are the least affected by the strike. Traffic is only reduced to Switzerland (one train in two) and Italy (one train in three). The Eurostar (to London), Thalys (to Brussels and Amsterdam) and Alléo (to Germany) lines are not affected.

The South-East TGV line and province to province services have been the most affected with one train in three running on average, according to SNCF. For the TGV North, the expectation is that four trains in ten will run, followed by one train in two and two trains in three for the Atlantic and East lines respectively.

On the major intercity lines, three trains in 10 are running.

At a regional level, the SNCF expects “more than four TER trains in 10” to run on average across the country, although there will be some disparity between regions.

In the Île-de-France region and Paris, the suburban RER network is widely affected, with one train in three for lines B and D, and one train in two for lines C and E. Only line A is functioning normally.

The SNCF has information for travellers via its phone lines and websites, as well as smart phone applications so that they may stay up to date in real time with the situation.


Source : EuroNews

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