Faba – Fahrleitungsbau is subsidiary of Powerlines Austria GmbH

Faba – Fahrleitungsbau is subsidiary of Powerlines Austria GmbH :The Austrian Powerlines Group is continuing down the successful path of growth by implementing a present strategic step. In order to optimise use of the wide variety of business opportunities across the entire market, the Powerlines Group decided to focus on two specific segments: RAIL and ENERGY.

Therefore one decision was, expanding business activities in the RAIL segment, which will also involve the development, manufacture and sale of electrical products for local transport systems, thus providing evidence of further diversification in these core business segments. In turn, on the 26.10.2013 Powerlines Products GmbH was founded as a 100% subsidiary of Powerlines Austria GmbH with a manufacturing branch in Essen, Germany (partly former activities of Faba- Fahrleitungsbau).

These activities show we are implementing our corporate strategy quickly and consistently. Adding products and components to our service portfolio is an important step towards becoming an allround system provider. Our clients have benefitted from our wealth of experience and expertise in engineering and assembly for many years, and we are now able to offer them the very latest in catenary systems and components.

Powerlines Products GmbH engineers are specialised in the perpetual improvement of proven and well-established components and systems, and in the development of new solutions to meet the high standards set by transport operators. There is a constant focus on ensuring uninterrupted functionality and a reduction of the maintenancing requirements of components and systems.

Indeed Powerlines Products also sets the standards for the safe expansion of services in local transport networks in areas such as the continued development of loop insulators and track switches.

Faba - Fahrleitungsbau is subsidiary of Powerlines Austria GmbH

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