No evidence about the future train attack

No evidence about the future train attack :Manuel Valls, the French Minister of Domestic Affairs has stated that they do not posses any firm proves that the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda are planning to further attack any of the high speed trains in Europe.

The American Intelligence Service has announced the European countries that Al Qaeda plans an attack towards some of the European countries. The American Intelligence Service has got evidences from a telephone talk of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al Qaeda.

The French Minister though said that they do not have such information:
“We heard these rumors for the past few weeks, but for the moment such a threat does not exist as there are no evidences that could confirm this. France took some precautions, but this is not a direct threat it is also forwarded for our neighboring countries as well. ”

Due to the plans of a similar attack in Washington, some of the embassies in Africa had decided to close for a short-term.


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