Establishment of Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCe)

Establishment of Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCe) : An important decision was adopted by RAME Members at The 10th meeting of UIC Regional Assembly of Middle East (UIC RAME) in Doha,Qatar, on 4th June 2012, in the field of training with the creation of the “UIC Middle-East Railway Training Centre” (MERTCe) at the initiative of TCDD and UIC.

MERTCe is located at Eskisehir, where the training center of TCDD locates.

According to Mr. Karaman, President of Turkey State Railways and Chairman of RAME, “MERTCe is designed to create a solution for the training needs of railways emerging due to the fast developments in the Middle-East. It is envisaged that MERTCe will make contributions to the creation of a common railway area in the Middle-East in the medium and long-term and to the provision of interoperability via training and education”.

MERTCe mission is to help to the development of railways in the Middle East Region via the following objectives:

· Set up and coordinate a network of UIC Middle East Railway Training Centers (MENRTC) under the coordination of MERTCe; its aim is to organize the works of the training centers in all countries in the Middle East at international level, and share and improve information and experiences.

· Share educational approaches and experiences between international and regional stakeholders,

· Create a data-base among members and a pool of regional experts

· facilitate the exchange of technical information through the network

· Lead the developments of standards and qualifications of railway professions and contribute to interoperability

· Help the developments of skilled labor by developing educational programs

· Provide consulting services in railway education

· Conduct research projects to develop best ways

Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCe) has put into practice its programs by holding its first training program under the the name of “International Railway Business Course” in parallel with “UIC High Speed Plenary Committee Meeting” on October 1-2, 2012 in Eskişehir. International Railway Business Course” was taught and contributed by experts from the railway sector especially from UIC, besides from TCDD. Issues such as legal and commercial frame of the railway operation, railway liberalization, freight transportation market analysis and railway projects of Middle East were handled in the course.

In order to get more information about MERTCe, the file of a booklet about MERTCe prepared by TCDD is attached:


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