Durmazlar Company will begin cooperation with Alstom Company

Durmazlar Company will begin cooperation with Alstom Company :The production capacity of Duray Transportation Systems, a company of the Durmazlar Holding, will increase with 100%.

In order to work in cooperation with Alstm Company, Duray Transportation Systems will increase its production capacity will 100%. The production of the bogie frames in value of 12 million euro will begin at the end of the current year.
The company that has manufactures the first Turkish tramway, Durmazlar Company, throughout Duray Transportation Systems will manufacture bogie frames which will be used by the company itself as well as it will be produced for export in such a way to bring a contribution to Turkey’s economy.

The Durmazlar Company prepares a joint venture production with the French Company Alstom, which at the moment is administrating a project of the Turkish Railways in value of 250 million euro. The Durmazlar Company has drawn the attention of foreign manufactures with the high technology developed in Ar-Ge centers by producing bogies.
At the first level of the common agreement Duray will produce 1000 bogies per year; the capacity of Duray to produce bogies until the end of the current year is 500 bogies. Until now such companies like Le Creusot (France) and Salzgitter (Germany) were producing bogies frames for Alstom, now though bogies frames will be produced in Bursa by Duray Transportation Systems as well.

It will export bogies for the European high speed trains
Duray Transportation Systems was established within the Durmazlar Makine for the manufacturing of the first Turkish tramway, the Silkworm. Ahmet Civan, the General Director of Durmazlar has sustained that: “Duray was established with the aim of producing our own bogies as well as producing bogies for the Alstom’s high speed trains. The design of the bogies for tramways and light metro transportation means appertains to us. Our capacity for producing bogies is 500 bogies per year. But by making a technological transfer with Alstom we began to produce bogies for high speed trains as well. At the moment more than 40 bogies were exported.”

Civan has also mentioned that after many discussions that still take place, by the end of this year they will establish a common venture with Alstom in order to begin the production of bogies. At the first level of the common investment that will be done by Alstom and Durmazlar there will be produced 1000 bogies per year; and in the next year the production capacity will reach 1500 bogies per year.

Civan has given the following information: “The discussions are still continuing. We have finished all our actions; after this follows the establishment of the company. The new company will activate on an area of 6 thousand square meters. Our main client will be the Alstom Company. Alstom makes its own projects as well as international ones regarding the production of high speed trains and metro. After the collaboration of Durmazlar with Alstom, the Turkish Company will benefit from the technological transfer; at the same time there will be opened a company manufacturer of bogies in Turkey. Now in Turkey there exists already such companies but their capacity is low and they produce bogies by using old technologies. Here we mention about bogies for trains that have a speed of 350 km, and these bogies can be manufactured by our company.”

We try to nationalize the production
In producing bogies Turkey uses a variety of supplies for high-alloy steels which are brought from abroad; but now we plan to use just local supplies so that the production could be 100% a local one, said Ahmet Civan.
Through Duray, until now Durmazlar Company has invested 4 million euro; but together with Alstom they will invest about 12 million euro.

Durmazlar Company will begin cooperation with Alstom Company

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