Bombardier Locomotive Demonstrates Its Power and Completes Rail Logistics Chain

Bombardier Locomotive Demonstrates Its Power and Completes Rail Logistics Chain : Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation proved today that its TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive is closing the logistics gap in the rail sector during a customer and press event in Velim, Czech Republic.

The Last Mile mode, a combination of diesel engine and support traction battery premiered by Bombardier, allows rail vehicles to overcome short distances without catenaries. At the test circuit in Velim, the TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive showed that it can haul trains weighing up to 2,000 tonnes not only on electrified lines but also in Last Mile mode. The locomotive masters short distances on non-electrified lines without producing any emissions by using only its battery. This will enable rail companies to manage traffic into harbours, freight terminals and loading depots without additional trucks or shunting locomotives.

In Last Mile mode, the locomotive reaches a top speed of 40 km/h while hauling heavy trains and up to 60 km/h running alone. On electrified lines, it reaches up to 160 km/h. The transition from electric to diesel traction is performed dynamically, which means without stopping. The Last Mile function thereby enables operators to benefit from the huge environmental advantage of an electric locomotive running also on short non-electrified lines.

The TRAXX AC with Last Mile function is currently undergoing homologation. Launch customers are Railpool and Akiem. Railpool will lease three of these locomotives to the Swiss railway company, BLS Cargo.

“This new locomotive harmoniously combines economy and ecology, a big advantage for our customers in the global market,” said Janis Vitins, Director Marketing and Product Planning, Locomotives, Bombardier Transportation. “Around the world, we are facing challenges to people’s mobility and the environment due to urbanisation. Bombardier is at the forefront of developing precisely fitting technologies that improve total vehicle performance to move more people and regarding the TRAXX AC Last Mile especially more goods than ever before efficiently.”

Locomotives are the backbone of most freight and many passenger services around the world. In Europe, TRAXX locomotives are the most widely used, with more than 1,550 of them sold in just over a decade.


TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive

Source : Bombardier

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