Ankara-İstanbul Hight Speed Line Project

Ankara-İstanbul Hight Speed Line Project
The major purposes in developing the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Project are to decrease the travel time between Ankara and İstanbul, two major cities of our country; to provide a faster, more comfortable and safer transportation and to increase the railways share in the transportation.

The existing line between Ankara and İstanbul is 576 km in total and it is electrified and signalled throughly. Once the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Project including the construction of a double track, signalled and capable of speeds up to 250 km/h railway line between the two major cities is worked off, the distance between Ankara-İstanbul will decrease by 533 km and the travel time from 7 hours to 3 hours.



The blueprints which have been drawn up with the aim of rendering 24 km line section between Ankara-Sincan available for high speed train operations and arranging of the present suburban lines, platforms and stations have been submitted the cadastre for approval.

Since it is planned that Ankara-Sincan line section will be tendered together with Ankara-Kayaş line section within Başkentray Project, the tender for the drawing up the as-built projects of Ankara-Kayaş line section has been gone out.

For the preparation of the as-built projects of Ankara-Kayaş line section, a contract was signed with the Infrastructure company on 15th October 2007.

It is aimed to go out tender for Ankara-Sincan line section in the initial stage and to complete the construction works between 2009 and 2010.

The tender has been made by the Permanent Way Department and the project is currently under acceptance period.


In case of the construction of a new line as double track between Sincan and Esenkent without utilization of the present line, the project cost would be approximately 90 million € according to the calculations made in the avant project since the line would be to cross over the Ankara brook and some rugged terrain (due to approximately 8 km tunnel and other art structures related to that). Thus, it has been decided to construct the line on a different route to be determined later.

However, when the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Project is completed, the section between Sincan and Esenkent will be a bottleneck, with the intent to avoid the huge construction costs including the construction of 8 km tunnel and the future expropriation costs, it is planned to construct the new line as double track, 15 km in length and capable of speeds up to 250 km/h on not densely-settled areas.



1st phase of Esenkent-İnönü section covered the construction of a new second line capable of speeds up to 200 km/h between Eskişehir-Esenkent and upgrading of the present line rendering it available speeds up to 200 km/h as well as rendering the signalization installations concordant to the speeds up to 200 km/h. The tender and contract of this section had been made.

However, due to the decision taken during the planning period of the project including the preservation of the existing line between Ankara and İstanbul and its utilization by freight and other trains and the elevation of the design speed from 200 km/h to 250 km/h, Esenkent-Eskişehir line section the construction works of which are still under process has been constructed as capable of speeds up to 250 km/h and independent from the existing line as double track, electrified and of high standard.



It is intended to move the present freight center, depot and workshops to Hasanbey and to render the remaining areas an attraction center which is in harmony with the urban fabric and to find a solution for the traffic problem occurred on the both sides of the city. Following the replacement of the facilities at Eskişehir Terminal to Hasanbey, it is planned to carry out joint works with the local authorities for the transformation of the station area compatible with the urban fabric.

The fact that the present railway line is passing through the city center affects adversely the road transportation. “Eskişehir Terminal Crossing” project is exclusively developed with the purpose to prevent the traffic jam and also the possible accidents on the level crossings as well as to make Eskişehir a more beautiful and habitable city.

In line with the rendering of the Eskişehir Terminal Crossing for high speed line operations, it is envisaged to utilize Eskişehir Terminal just for the purposes of passenger transportation. The freight transportation will be carried outside of the city (Hasanbey).


The facts such as the decision on the utilization of the present line between Ankara-Eskişehir only for freight trains and the increase of the design speed of 200 km/h to 250 km/h for the Esenkent-İnönü section have led to the emergence of the necessity for rendering of Eskişehir-İnönü section capable of speeds up to 250 km/h for the purposes of ensuring the follow up of the High Speed Line Project.

Therefore, the works for the project revision have been initiated and the project studies were completed for 30 km line between Eskişehir and İnönü that would be built as a new double track line with infrastructure, superstructure, electrification and signalization capable of speeds up to 250 km/h in 2004.

A majority part of the infrastructure works has been completed.


It is planned to secure the credit of 106 million Euro required for the construction of Köseköy-Gebze section from the fund of 850 million Euro provided for Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Project by EIB.

It is necessary to go out tender for the initiation of the construction works for Köseköy-Gebze section in no time within this year in order to ensure the completion of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Project in the planned time and to provide the connection of the Project with Marmaray Project as well as to complete it simultaneously with the completion of İnönü-Vezirhan and Vezirhan-Köseköy sections.

The Secretariat State Planning Organization was applied on October 03, 2007 with the intent to provide %10 of the fund (10,6 million Euro) required for going out tender,.

The preparations for the tender are proceeding and the tender will be gone out as soon as possible following the securization of the fund. Two phases within the Project will be completed simultaneously.


Gebze-Haydarpaşa section of 44 km hasn’t been included in Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Project as it is covered in Marmaray Project.

Within the scope of Marmaray Project, the present suburban line system will be renewed and transformed into surface subway system.

37 stations in total will be renewed to render them modern stations and the number of the present lines, which is 2, will be increased 3.

2 lines will be utilized for suburban trains (CR) and the third one is for intercity passenger and freight trains.


Ankara-Sivas route, in one hand, is a part of the longitudinal main arterial line of the railway network extending from the western border of our country to the eastern border, and on the other hand, it is situated on the railway connections of Europe-Iran, Europe-Middle East and Caucasus countries. Moreover, it is on the continuation of the 4th corridor of Pan-Europe.

By commissioning of the Ankara-İstanbul and Ankara-İzmir High Speed Lines, it is predicted that a very heavy rail traffic will be seen on this route which will provide the connection between the east and west part of our country.

The present length of Ankara-Sivas railway line is 602 km. It will be 461 km by a reduction of 141 km by this Project.

The length of the road route between Ankara-Sivas is 442 km.

Once the Project is completed, the 12-hour present travel time will be reduce to 2 hours and 51 minutes and 21-hour present travel time between İstanbul and Sivas will be 5 hours and 49 minutes.


The section between Kayaş and Yerköy was located on the present corridor in the projects executed by The General Directorate for DLH (Construction of Railways, Ports and Airports). Accordingly, a tender for the as-built projects has been gone out with the purpose to save the present line and to construct the new line in accordance with the high speed line standards and a contract with Yüksel Proje International Inc. has been signed . The works on the project are ongoing.


Konya is one of the largest cities of Turkey in terms of population, industry and agriculture.

The length of the present distance between Ankara and Konya by rail is 687 km on the Ankara-Eskişehir-Afyon corridor, and it is 258 km by road.

Since the passenger and freight transportation by rail take longer time by rail in comparision to the road transportation between Ankara and Konya, road is the preferable mode.

Therefore, Ankara-Konya High Speed Line Project which will connect Konya by a high speed rail which will ensure transportation to the three largest cities of Turkey (İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir) from Konya in a shorter time has been elaborated.

Following the completion of Ankara-Konya and Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Line Projects the 10-hour-30-minute travel time between Ankara-Konya will reduce to 1 hour 15 minutes. and 12-hour-25-minute travel time between İstanbul and Konya will reduce to 3 hours and 30 minutes.6

Ankara-İstanbul Hight Speed Line Project

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