Alarm bomb attack on speed trains in Germany

Alarm bomb attack on speed trains in Germany :The rumors that Al-Qaeda plans to bomb the high speed trains in Europe have alarmed the national security forces. According to experts the terrorist organization al-Qaeda plans to sabotage railways, namely a bomb attack whether on high-speed rails, tunnels or trains.

The information about the bomb attack was taken from the American Intelligence Agency which at its turn took the information from the NSA (National Security Agency). This information is based on a telephone talk of the Al Qaeda leader within which the leader talks about a planned bomb attack on the high speed trains in Europe.

The German newspaper ‘Bild’, has reported that since two weeks the German security authorities took the necessary measures about the security of high speed trains and train stations. Moreover, the civil officers which are related to the federal police, guard the stations.

The intelligence security activities in Europe got away from the NSA agenda The fact that American intelligence expert, Edward Snowden, has announced to the public the gathered information about

Europe and especially Germany has caused big argues in Germany. According to the information provided by the expert, NSA by following millions of e-mail and phone calls all over the world has registered many of the personal information about the European citizens.


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