The Jordan National Railway will be an 897‐km, standard gauge freight railway network

The Jordan National Railway will be an 897‐km, standard gauge freight  railway network, connecting the national capital of Amman, main industrial cities and logistics centres of Jordan, and the nation’s gateway port, Aqaba. The network will
also link Jordan with neighbouring countries, as well as creating a bridge between GCC countries and Europe. By 2020, the railway is expected to carry 29 million tonnes of freight – and by 2040, 55 million tonnes2. The OpCo is expected to yield an attractive financial return for investors over a 30‐year concession period.


Aqaba‐Syria Link (North‐South Line)

This is the main rail line, connecting Jordan’s gateway port, the Port of Aqaba, with the national capital of Amman, as well as with one of the country’s main industrial cities, Zarqa. The North‐South Line further extends to the north of Amman to connect with Syria’s railway network. A rail link to the country’s largest phosphate mine, Shidiya Mine, will also be also built. The length of the North‐South Line is 509 km, and the total cost of the infrastructure is expected to be USD 2.43 billion.

Zarqa‐Iraq Link

This link will extend from Zarqa to the Jordan/Iraq border. The 290 km link is expected to cost USD 410 million. Link to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia This link will complete the bridge between Saudi Arabia and Syria and will be an important component of a rail transport corridor between GCC countries and Europe. The link in Jordan is estimated to be 91 km at a cost of USD 120 million.

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