Turkey Konya Bugday Pazari HST Station Project Deal Winner

Turkey Konya Buğday Pazarı HST Station Project Deal Winner : Developments have been recorded in Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate Real Estate and Construction Department’s  Consultancy Services for Design of Application Projects for Konya Buğday Pazarı HST Station  tender.

According to our information, contract worth 348.400 lira was signed with the winner TH İdil Mimarlık in the previous days. Other firms to have participated in this tender worth an estimated 680.066,00 lira were as follows:

1. AGM Mühendislik
2. Akabeyler Yapı Mimarlık
3. Alka Proje Mühendislik
4.Atus Mühendislik
5. Belde Proje Mühendislik
6. Mehmet Ergün
7. Oba Proje
8. Özaslanlar Mühendislik
9. Promeks Mühendislik
10. Uludağ Mimarlık

Source : Yatırımlar

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