TCDD’s Kayaş – Irmak – Kırıkkale – Çetinkaya Electrification Project Bids collected

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate collected, June 13, 2012, the bids for its “Kayaş – Irmak – Kırıkkale – Çetinkaya Electrification Installation Works” tender.

According to our information, bidders of this tender, worth an estimated 44.063.670 lira for 1st lot, 43.007.527 lira for 2nd lot, 36.122.297 lira for 3rd lot, 36.194.475,50 lira for 4th lot, 25.328.908 lira for 5th lot, 57.998.073 lira for 6th lot, 55.524.483 lira for 7th lot, 82.315.810 lira for 8th lot, and their offers (¨) are as follows:

1. Şahin Yılmaz – Emre Ray Enerji
Offer for 1st Lot: 30.368.067
Offer for 2nd Lot: 28.718.263
Offer for 3rd Lot: 30.992.800
Offer for 4th Lot: 26.934.263
Offer for 5th Lot: 23.068.849

2. Yapı Merkezi
Offer for 1st Lot: 30.015.397
Offer for 2nd Lot: 27.319.867
Offer for 3rd Lot: 24.728.350
Offer for 4th Lot: 24.606.694
Offer for 5th Lot: 17.353.953
Offer for 6th Lot: 39.876.074
Offer for 7th Lot: 37.964.599
Offer for 8th Lot: 60.270.000

3. Semi (Spain)
Offer for 1st Lot: 37.053.319
Offer for 2nd Lot: 33.022.964
Offer for 3rd Lot: 30.222.673
Offer for 4th Lot: 30.252.536
Offer for 5th Lot: 21.568.618
Offer for 6th Lot: 46.747.577
Offer for 7th Lot: 44.705.830
Offer for 8th Lot: 63.740.079

4. E+M Elektrik – Aykon Elektrik
Offer for 1st Lot: 36.519.503
Offer for 2nd Lot: 31.601.122
Offer for 3rd Lot: 31.682.110
Offer for 4th Lot: 29.520.952
Offer for 5th Lot: 22.772.096
Offer for 6th Lot: 48.105.254
Offer for 7th Lot: 39.418.609

5. Siemens A.Ş.
Offer for 1st Lot: 35.906.075
Offer for 2nd Lot: 32.371.876
Offer for 3rd Lot: 32.474.042
Offer for 4th Lot: 30.404.264
Offer for 5th Lot: 22.348.794
Offer for 6th Lot: 51.990.589
Offer for 7th Lot: 49.306.803
Offer for 8th Lot: 60.988.536

6. Ultra Teknoloji – Nuhoğlu İnşaat
Offer for 1st Lot: 30.500.500
Offer for 2nd Lot: 27.730.000
Offer for 3rd Lot: 25.940.000
Offer for 4th Lot: 25.811.400
Offer for 5th Lot: 18.167.900
Offer for 6th Lot: 42.069.600
Offer for 7th Lot: 40.288.200
Offer for 8th Lot: 53.450.000

Usluel Enerji and Strukton (Holland) submitted courtesy letters for the 8th lot of the tender.


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