Rail and Metro China

Rail & Metro China 30/05/2012 – 02/06/2012

Urban Rail & Rail Vehicles: Diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, EMU, subway and light rail vehicles, trams, linear motor trains, maglev trains, monorail vehicles, AGT automated guided vehicles, etc. Components & Accessories including power system, drive system, control system, track body materials, etc.

◆ Vehicle Interior Decoration: floor coverings, seating, textile, coating, catering equipment, multimedia systems, lighting, grab bars, etc.

◆ Infrastructure & Mechanical and Electrical Equipment: platform system, depot facilities, rail construction, rail system, electrical power system, ventilation, air conditioning and heating system, lifting system, drainage system, lighting system, etc.

◆ Rail Transportation & Management: Communication Systems: signaling & control system, warning/alarm systems (including platform screen door), monitoring systems, BAS, ISCS, AFC, ticket revenue cleaning system, cleaning/maintenance/inspection systems, information system, etc.

◆ Construction: construction machinery, parts and accessories, construction materials, measuring instruments, etc.

◆ Planning, Design, Consultancy, Supervision and Financing

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