New line extends network by nine stops

On 26th March 2012, the tram network in Bremen became signifi cantly bigger, with two stages in the construction of the new Line 1 in the eastern part of the city entering service simultaneously. Now, the tram route goes beyond the previous terminus at Züricher Straße and runs as far as Nußhorn.

A total of eight new stops have been added. Once the fi nal section under construction is opened towards the end of this year, Line 1 will be 4.8 kilometres and nine stops longer.

At the new terminus in Mahndorf there is a connection to the Bremen regional S-Bahn network. The new line serves an area containing some 16,000 people.

The opening means that Line 1 now offers a fourfold service:

– the customary line 1, which operates generally at 10-minute intervals during the day,
– the fast line 1S, which runs during the morning peak period from Tenever- Zentrum towards the main station, without stopping at all halts
– the supplementary line 1E, which runs every 20 minutes during the afternoon peak period between Tenever-Zentrum and the city centre, and the night tram line N1.

The city is also planning further upgrades to Line 1. For example, a 1.9 kilometre long line is envisaged as a connection between Line 1 and Lines 2 and 10 in the eastern suburbs. This will lead to shorter trips between Osterholz and the Vahr and the city centre. The plan is to have Lines 1S and 1E run here. And there is another line under construction in Bremen: Line 4 to the neighbouring Lilienthal/Falkenberg

This 5.5 kilometre long line being constructed in eight stages will thus cross the border into the state of Lower Saxony. Some 17,000 people live in the catchment area of the “new number 4”.

Two projects in the south-western part of the city are still at the planning stage:
Line 8 is to be extended by 3.65 kilomet kilometres as far as Mittelshuchting, and Line 1 by 9.7 kilometres as far as Leeste. In both cases, this would involve a new departure for Bremen: the tram would use a railway line.

By contrast, the extensions of Lines 2 and 10 in Osterholz have been dropped, as they would not serve a large enough population.

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