Dual-Powered Locomotives Debut in New Jersey

A new first-of-its-kind dual-powered locomotive engine has successfully completed its first run in New Jersey. The ALP-45DP is the first locomotive to be powered by both diesel engines and overhead electric catenary cables.

Developed through a partnership between transportation engineering firm STV and NJ TRANSIT and manufactured by Bombardier in Germany, the new locomotive conserves fuel, reduces emissions and noise, offers better acceleration, and can switch back and forth between diesel and electric mode in just 100 seconds. This makes the ALP-45DP ideal for lines such as the one on the east coast, where Amtrak currently has to change from diesel to electric in New Haven, Connecticut in order to travel into New York City. This new locomotive would eliminate that 20 to 30 minute procedure while also reducing the costs associated with needing different engine types.

“This is a revolutionary locomotive,” said Christopher Holliday of STV. “With the ability to run under both diesel power and alternating current electric power, these new locomotives provide greater operating flexibility for our clients.”

To switch from diesel to electric, the engine only has to raise its pantograph arm to make contact with the overhead electric cable and it can be on its way. In diesel mode the train can reach a top speed of 100 mph while in electric it can reach 125 mph. Still a far cry from the bullet trains in China, but it’s a start.

Source : Revmodo

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