MIE for ballastless track inspection

Working on the track during normal operations always means risking life and limb. The Mobile Maintenance Unit MIE has been developed by Robel to provide a workspace that is shielded against external dangers.

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) has ordered specialised vehicles for inspection and cleaning of ballastless track, especially in tunnels. The MIE Compact 69.60 units from Robel are small two-axle vehicles that provide a safe, protected workspace.

Under the offset, strengthened frame (box girder), a space of around 50 square metres is created by extending the side modules. Each of these modules has two doors, enabling access directly from the MIE to the tunnel wall or to cross passages.

Above the working space there is Workspace of the MIE Compact 69.60 with side modules extended.

Photo: Robel a workshop and a crew room. The MIE Compact has a control console at one end and a passageway at the other, and can be adapted to requirements. To be able to work without the need for a locomotive, the MIE Compact 69.60 has its own hydrostatic power unit. With the 210 kilowatts from its Deutz diesel engine, the MIE can carry out its work at constant speeds of up to fi ve kilometres per hour.

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