Hybrid shunting locomotives for the broad-gauge market

Russian manufacturer Sinara has developed a diesel-hybrid shunting locomotive. The series TEM9H loco is powered by a diesel engine with an output of 630 kilowatts. Supplementing the powertrain is an energy storage comprising lithium-ion batteries and super-condensers.

Charging takes place via the diesel engine when the locomotive is idling, and alternatively via the electric brake. In total, this gives the locomotive a power output of 880 kilowatts. Power transmission uses ultra-modern alternating current with individual drive to each wheel pair.

Compared with conventional shunting locomotives in this performance class, the new loco is designed to consume 30 to 40 per cent less fuel and have 55 per cent lower exhaust emissions. For its part, the Polyet company from Kaluga
has developed a much smaller hybrid shunting locomotive. This has a diesel engine producing only 60 kilowatts, coupled with a conventional lead-acid battery. This gives the locomotive a peak power output of 206 to 240 kilowatts; a version with peak power of 400 kilowatts is at the planning stage.

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