IRIS certificates

As a founding member of IRIS , Bombardier is committed to the International Railway Industry Standard Committed to recognized IRIS certificates. We have encouraged our suppliers from the start to commit to IRIS . Our Supplier Evaluation Process and Request for Quotation processes will call for an IRIS certificate going forward 2012, UNIFE Commitment of the Rail Industry Signed by the industry leader for mandatory application:

– No more redundancy in system assessments,
– Definition of the audit types (system, process, product),
– Structuring for application,
– Mandatory for signatories,
– Highly recommended for the industry.

Bombardier has committed to be IRIS certified, as expected by our customers:

– Our components sites have been IRIS certified,
– As per the new revision of IRIS, the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance sites are certified,
– North America sites in progress.

45 sites of Bombardier are already IRIS certified worldwide

– Component sites:
– Bogies
– Propulsion and control
– Rail Control Solutions (signalling)
– Rolling stock sites:
– Locomotives
– Mainline and Metro
– Light Rail Vehicles
– Sites with Maintenance activities

As a guiding rule, we will require IRIS certification if you have a considerable annual spend with Bombardier ( over 500.000 EURO) and if one of the following applies:

– You aim to close a Long Term Supplier Agreement (LTSA) with Bombardier Transportation,
– You are responsible for development and design of your products (“system supplier”),
– Your products have a major impact on our overall RAMS/LCC performance,
– Your products are safety critical components

NON IRIS certified suppliers or those in process of achieving IRIS certification :

– Supplier can request a Bombardier Supplier Evaluation Approval management system audit to be conducted at suppliers premises in order to qualify to offer.
– This audit will be done at suppliers’ cost and expense.
– Audit will be carried out by Bombardier’s auditors or third party on our behalf.

The audit must be successfully passed before an order can be placed If you are the holder of a valid IRIS certificate, you will no longer undergo system audits by Bombardier. Instead, our audits will now be strictly limited to:
– Project (e.g. customers, special processes)
– Product
– Capacity or financial audits or
– Specific checks in case of problematic performance
– Potential customer audits
The certificate opens the door to the rail sector:
-The certificate is recognized by the integrators who will have a similar approach as Bombardier Transportation
-The operators have come on board as well and start to include this in their tender procedure

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