Harsco Rail group has secured contracts worth a total of $85m in the UK, Italy and India

Harsco Rail group  has secured a multi-year contract extension in the UK to operate and maintain a fleet of Stoneblowers built by Harsco on behalf of Network Rail. Stoneblowers pneumatically inject ballast under railway ties without disturbing the pre-existing compacted ballast, achieving track positioning accuracy of 1.0mm, according to Harsco.

The Stoneblowers have been developed as an alternative to traditional tamping methods for the restoration of vertical and lateral track alignment. Under the extended contract, Harsco will operate and maintain the Stoneblowers until mid-2015 with an option to extend the contract by a further two years.

Harsco has also secured a contract in Italy to supply rail grinder units for the construction and ongoing track maintenance of a new metro line being built in Milan. The rail grinders have been specifically configured for the smaller passageways and tighter clearances found across Europe.

The grinding units will be built at Harsco Rail’s facilities in the US with scheduled delivery in 2014 and 2015.

The company has also secured orders in India to deliver additional Harsco P-811 Track Renewal Trains (TRTs), which are scheduled for delivery by early 2014. TRT is a multi-functional track maintenance machine used to upgrade existing track with new rail and attachment fittings. The new TRTs will add to the existing fleet of seven TRTs that Indian Rail operates to undertake its track relaying programmes.

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