32% from the state investments are allocated to the logistics projects in Turkey

Although Turkey’s railway infrastructure still faces problems, “the state massively invests in its development, in order to increase the flows of the railway traffic. For this purpose, in 2012, railway investments increased by 62% compared to 2011, and the logistics sector, 32% from the investments allocated by the state were directed to the projects in this sector. Turkey has established the construction of 19 logistics centres in order to answer the transport demands”, declared Cavit Uğur, Managing Director within the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers in Turkey (UTIKAD).

The first step consisted of putting into operation 3 logistics centres (Samsun, Denizli and İzmit), and at the present moment the works for the execution of centres in Eskisehir and Kayseri are initiated and the design studies of other centres in Turkey are elaborated.

In these points are panned the execution of spaces meant for shunting processes, transfer and construction of warehouses and of other necessary facilities, works that ate initiated by the Railways Company (TCDD) with private sector.

Turkey holds a strategic geographical position regarding the commercial exchanges between Asia and Europe which registered in 2011 USD 375 Billion, out of which EUR 240 Billion coming from the import activity and EUR 135 Billion from exports. “By 2023, Turkey wants to significantly move forward on the market of international commercial exchanges, USD 500 Billion being estimated on the export segment and USD 620 Billion for imports”, added Cavit Uğur.

Source : UTIKAD

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