100 Percent Native “Silkworm tram” become the symbol of Bursa and Turkey

Being the first industrial capital city of Turkey, Bursa becomes the tramway and railroad car production center of Turkey after textile and automotive. Produced by Durmazlar Makine under the leadership of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and be seen in İstanbul, “ipekböceği” Silkworm tram model 100 percent national tramway received full mark lron the doyens of the industry, from the universities and the public.

The tramway will obtain the international transportation certifıcate after fullfılling the entire function and safety tests to be performed on the test track till May 2012. The aforementioned tests will be supervised and approved by an internationally accredited foreign institution.

Bursa drew all attraction when the “100 percent national design” and “100 percent national production” tramways were put on the track. After the vehicles receive international standards certifıcate, the company will be entitle to enter into the tender that will be opened by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and after winning the tender the mass production of the tramways will begin for being utilized on the fırst route. This year 2 cars will be delivered and next year 12 cars or any amount close to this which will be determined by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will be delivered. This number will be specified according to the results of the studies and analyses.

The tramway project is planned not only meeting the needs of Bursa, it is designed in the capacity, capability and technology to be used by the municipalities of other cities. Thus, not worse than the European competitors and event better in some details, a more affordable and quality vehicle will be presented to the Turkish market. Annual production plan is  100 cars.

The cars will be used on the Tl line which is already investigated on the route of ‘Santral Garaj-Darmstad-Stadyum-Altıparmak-Cumhuriyet Square-İnönü Str.-Uluyol’. The tramway routes which were planned as 7 routes in the city center are still being investigated. According to the pre-investigations, Bursa needs 96 tramway cars.

Will be a pioneer in Turkey in national tramway production…

Stating the worldwide need in 15 years as 5.250 cars, the authorities estimates the potential market as 50 billion dollars in Turkey and 1 trillion dollars around the world The officials emphasize that İpekböceği will be the steam engine in tramway production in Turkey.

In the design, through the consideration that Bursa was the starting point of the silk road, the İpekböceği model became prominent. With a total capacity of 250 passengers, the tramway will be able to run on a 8.2 percent slope when fully loaded.

Dazzled in the fair in İstanbul…

The very fırst national tramway of Turkey produced under the leadership of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, İpekböceği became the pride of Turkey in the “Eurasia Rail Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Exposition” where the prominent companies around the world participate to. The fair which was organized for the second time this year, hosted 200 companies from 20 countries. İpekböceği drew great attraction from the fır participants and the visitors.

Those saying “Almost impossible”  got shocked…

The national tramway pulled the attention of the universities after the documentary was broadcasted in TRT Haber. Some universities willing to see the ‘ipekböceği’ which became the symbol of Bursa in the power of design and technology and to receive information about the production processes, will come to Bursa for visiting the production plants. The Turkish tramway which was considered as “almost impossible” by the foreign tramway manufacturers during the three years of production. today surprises even the leading expert foreign tramway manufacturers.

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